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October 2015 deadline for upgrading qualifications


With October fast approaching, please spend a few minutes ensuring that you have everything in place to continue training past October 2015.

If you do not meet the requirements set out by the Sector Skills Council, Skills For Health, then you will not be able to teach accredited courses until you have met the criteria.

There are 3 areas that we need to address for October and they are:

  • Teaching Qualification
  • Assessing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Teaching Qualification

From October all Instructors who want to deliver accredited qualifications will need to hold an accredited teaching qualification.

For those who have completed a Nuco Training Instructors course and gained either the Level 3 PTLLS (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector) or the Level 3 Award in Education and Training, you do not need to do anything additional to meet the criteria for teaching qualification.

You may have attended our Instructors course but not completed the PTLLS or Education & Training Award due to you already holding a teaching qualification. There is no problem at all with this; the key thing is that you do hold an accredited teaching qualification.

Please go to view a list of suitable accredited training qualifications. The list is not exhaustive but covers the most popular qualifications.

Please note that the Nuco Training issued Instructor/Assessor certificate does not meet these requirements.

In the past the certificate has met the requirements, but does not meet the requirements for teaching or assessing as it is not an accredited Award, hence the introduction of PTLLS and Education and Training to our Instructors courses over the years.


It has also been decided that Instructors are not only teaching the Learners, but also assessing the Learners at the same time, so Instructors should hold an accredited assessing qualification or have attended a suitable CPD workshop from an Awarding Organisation.

If you hold the Level 3 Award in Education and Training then this specific qualification has a dedicated assessors element within the syllabus, so not only ticks the box for teaching, but also for assessing.

Unfortunately the Level 3 PTLLS (will state 6 credits on your certificate) does not have an assessing element to it, so if you do hold the Level 3 Award in PTLLS then you will need to achieve an accredited assessing qualification or attend a suitable CPD workshop with an Awarding Organisation.

If you hold the Level 4 PTLLS (will state 12 credits on your certificate) then this does have a dedicated assessor’s module and fulfils the requirement.

Please got to to see a list of suitable assessing qualifications. Again this list in not exhaustive and just contains the most popular qualifications. You will notice on the table that it has 2 columns, one for teaching and another for assessing.

Quality Assurance

At present all First Aid Instructors can monitor other Instructors, but after October it will be limited to just those who hold an accredited quality assurance qualification or those who have attended a suitable quality assurance workshop with an Awarding Organisation. Due to these restrictions there will be considerably less Instructors who can monitor their peers after October, so an opportunity for additional revenue is available to those who meet the criteria for the October deadline.

First Aid Awards Ltd are running a series of CPD workshops across the Country in 2015 and on successful attendance of the work shop you will be issued with a CPD certificate that will cover you for both the assessing and quality assurance requirements. For full details please go to…/Course-Pack-CPD-2015-Editable.pdf

Please ensure that you are covered in time for October 2015 to ensure that there is no interruption to your ability to offer your customers accredited training. Unfortunately there will be no exceptions to this, so please take your time in ensuring you have these qualifications. For any qualification that you achieved through Nuco Training, we will have this on your file, but if you have achieved any of these with another provider, then please send to us a copy of the certificate in plenty of time for October. If you have any questions related to this then please do not hesitate to Contact Nuco Training.


If you need information fast, let us know what you need and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience.

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