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Desktop Audits


We are currently undertaking Desktop Audits. This Audit will take place approximately 12 months from the date of your Initial Visit and is an important part of the Internal Quality Assurance process.

Two important points regarding the completion of course paperwork have been highlighted as a result of the Desktop Audits already conducted:

  • Test Papers must be marked by the Instructor. On the FAA Instructor Guidance Notes it states that the Instructor marks the paper and enters the score on the Test Paper. The Instructor is responsible for deeming if the Learners pass or fail. It is important that the Instructor marks the papers for the above reason, to ensure that answers are fully correct and are consistently and fairly marked. Marking the Test papers also enables the Instructor to pinpoint any answers that indicate the need to question the Learner ensuring that they have correct and full knowledge.

    Correct marking is vital as incorrect marking could result in Learners being awarded the certificate and deemed as competent first aiders when they are not or vice versa.

  • The Practical Assessments are an integral part of the assessment process. The completion of the Practical Assessment/Scenario paperwork must be completed by the Instructor as indicated on the Instructor Guidance. As each Learner undertakes each element of the practical session the Instructor ticks/initials to confirm that they are satisfied that the Learner has displayed an acceptable level of understanding and competence. This form must not be completed by the Learner.

If you ever need any guidance regarding the completion of course paperwork or any other aspect of running your courses please just get in touch on 03458 333999 or use our contact form.




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