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New Style Course Paperwork & Assessments


Both the FAA Award in Paediatric First Aid and the FAA Award in Emergency Paediatric First Aid have been revised to meet the new syllabus requirements introduced by the Department for Education (DfE).

The revision of these qualifications has led to the introduction of a new style assessment and course paperwork which will is now available. FAA will be introducing this new style assessment and paperwork for all qualifications offered and will update Centres as and when each qualification is being launched.

An introduction to the new qualifications and new style assessment and paperwork can be found by clicking here.
Training Resources including training notes and PowerPoint for both qualifications are also available upon request.

FAA have introduced a new assessment for these qualifications.  First aid is a practical subject so as many of the assessment criteria as possible are now being assessed by practical demonstration.
Assessment Criteria that are unable to be assessed practically will be completed through a written assessment contained in the Learner Workbook. 

Detailed guidance is provided for the practical scenarios and exemplar answers given for the theoretical assessment in the Trainer/Assessor Assessment Guidance, which has been created to standardise the assessment process.
New Style Course Paperwork
FAA has introduced a new style course paperwork for the paediatric qualifications. The new paperwork has been designed to make the administration of the qualification simpler whilst still adhering to the Regulatory Body requirements in terms of evidence needed.  It also gives learners easy access to important course information and a more coherent assessment process.
The new FAA course paperwork pack consists of the following documents:

  • Course Register & Assessment Results
  • Learner Workbook
  • Practical Assessment Record

The following guidance is available and it is the Centre’s responsibility to ensure that both guidance documents are available for Trainer/Assessor use for every course:

  • Trainer/Assessor Assessment Guidance
  • Course & Paperwork Guidance


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